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Pets Banana Basket

Pets Banana Basket

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💛 We have no doubt that you will take many photos of your four-legged friend in one of our very original baskets (be sure to check out the other variants as well)!

This banana-shaped basket is made of super soft plush cotton. The terry with a thickness of 2 cm (0.7 inch). insulates your four-legged friend against both the air conditioning and the winter cold.

This basket is suitable for all types of animals, but cats especially appreciate the semi-open design , as it gives them a sense of security. Bet they'll sneak right in? 😻

If you are purchasing this product for a puppy, we recommend choosing a larger size as puppies grow very quickly.

Please note : the product arrives packaged. The elastic cotton easily returns to its original shape after a few days.


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