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Official Pokemon Collection - Sleeping Pikachu Mouse

Official Pokemon Collection - Sleeping Pikachu Mouse

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Size: 7.5*11.5cm

Instructions for Pikachu Mouse :

1. How to install a wireless mouse connection on a desktop computer. (Note: The bottom of the mouse does not emit light, it is UV sensor)

1. After the battery is installed correctly, plug the USB directly into the host and it can be used;

2. How to connect the mouse for the notebook/tablet iPad.

Bluetooth connection method:

1. After installing the battery correctly, press and hold the left and right buttons at the same time and then press the middle pulley for about 5 to 6 seconds to turn on Bluetooth;

2. Search for the name BT.5.0MOUSE, and the connection is successful.


The USB and Bluetooth functions cannot be used at the same time. After the Bluetooth is turned on, take out the battery and reinstall the battery, which is the method to turn off the Bluetooth function; if you want to switch to the USB wireless function, you need to turn off the Bluetooth function before you can use it.


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